With so many meetings comes so many resources. We do our best to document our resources for all the workshops we have covered. Some of these resources may or may not have recordings depending on the time they took place. Regardless, we hope you gain something out of the information we have compiled here.

Git & GitHub

Git is a version control system that manages and stores revisions of projects. GitHub is a repository hosting service. Let’s learn more!


Unreal Engine is a game engine that gives creators the ability to deliver cutting-edge content, interactive experiences, and immersive virtual worlds.


Godot is a free, lightweight, and open source game engine that contains all of the tools needed to make a game for desktop, mobile, web, or virtual reality.

Django Development

Learn how to create a social media platform using Django.

Game Development

This is a compilation of resources that will assist you with any game development project!

Magic Leap with Dev. Unity

One thing inTech has gone over is how to develop for the Magic Leap mixed reality headset (ML1) using the Unity game engine


This is a compilation of resources dedicated to the Unity game engine!

React Native Development

React Native and Firebase are a powerful combination of technologies used for building cross platform and easy to manage mobile applications.